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TARGPatrol revolutionizes task management for your organization. Create tasks that outline specific steps, from area patrols to equipment readings, inspections, or capturing completed cleaning activities. Tailor it to your industry's needs.
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TARGPatrol: Simplifying Task Management

Structured tasks

Break tasks into clear steps.

Real-time Updates

Stay informed about task progress.

Mobile Execution

Complete tasks using the mobile app.

Manager Insights

Managers view reports and notifications.
Create and Manage Tasks with Ease

Create and Manage Tasks with Ease

Managers, both in the web version and mobile app, effortlessly generate tasks, catering to various operational demands. Define tasks according to roles and responsibilities, ensuring smooth task execution.
Convenient Task Creation for Managers
Easy and convenient task creation is available for managers through both the web and mobile versions.
Empower Your Workforce with Mobile Efficiency

Empower Your Workforce with Mobile Efficiency

TARGPatrol provides a seamless mobile experience, enabling employees to execute assigned tasks from their smartphones. Receive push notifications for new tasks, streamlining task distribution.
Efficient Mobile App for Task Execution
A convenient mobile application designed for seamless task execution by employees.
Enhance Oversight with Manager Access

Enhance Oversight with Manager Access

Managers gain a comprehensive view of task completion. Dive into detailed reports and summaries, fostering better decision-making. Stay informed about task violations or successful completions through notifications.
Task Analytics with Visual Representation
TARGPatrol provides comprehensive task analytics, including graphs, graphical task progress tracking, and diagrams.
Promote Accountability and Efficiency

Promote Accountability and Efficiency

TARGPatrol's notifications ensure that both successes and anomalies are immediately communicated. This real-time feedback loop promotes employee accountability, enhancing overall efficiency.
Real-time Notifications
ARGPatrol employs real-time notifications to promptly relay both successful task completions and anomalies.

Task Management Revolution Across Diverse Industries

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Promote Accountability and Efficiency


Streamline Your Operations with TARGPatrol. Organize routes for comprehensive facility inspections and task management, ensuring seamless quality checks, equipment calibration, and production line oversight. Stay informed with real-time updates on task completion, transforming the way you manage your industrial processes.

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Experience the future of task management. With TARGPatrol, you're equipped with a comprehensive solution that enhances productivity, communication, and oversight. Discover how TARGPatrol can revolutionize your operations today.
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