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Task Management Software for Cleaning Services

Effectively manage and optimize your facility's operations with an advanced task tracking app tailored for cleaning businesses. Streamline your workflow with smart cleaning checklists, janitorial inspections, and GPS time tracking.

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Efficient Task Management App for Cleaning Business

Operational excellence

Streamline janitorial inspections with cleaning checklists and a user-friendly mobile app.

Optimized Asset Management

Take control of assets - monitor conditions, schedule maintenance with GPS tracking, NFC (RFID) and QR code integration.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Access real-time data and leverage powerful reporting and analytics tools to make informed decisions, and enhance cleaning operations proactively.
Unlocking Facility Excellence with TARGPatrol

Optimize operations across all sites

Be sure that cleaning services are provided on time and in full. Streamline your facility's operations by assigning tasks, creating cleaning checklists, and monitoring work across multiple sites using a unified platform.
Effortlessly assign tasks to your janitors and set up smart cleaning checklists, all within one user-friendly mobile app.
Be confident in the quality of your cleaning services - use GPS, NFC (RFID) and QR code integration, attach photos and documents.
Access real-time data, monitor the progress, harness powerful reporting tools, and leverage analytics.
Effortless Facility Asset Management

Effortless Asset Management

Streamline cleaning asset and equipment management with NFC (RFID) and QR code integration. Seamlessly provide inspections and track the process, enabling proactive maintenance scheduling.
Ensure smooth operation with scheduled equipment maintenance tasks and cleaning checklists.
Utilize mobile phones equipped with NFC (RFID) and QR code integration for real-time monitoring, swift alerts, and verified data.
Obtain a comprehensive overview of your assets with detailed reports.
Data Driven Facility Management

Data-Driven Cleaning Management

Unlock the power of real-time data and analytics with comprehensive reporting tools to efficiently manage the quality of your work.
Let your employees swiftly report cleaning progress, task completion, and any potential issues.
Generate reports for any time frame and object, leveraging data analytics.
Gain comprehensive visibility across all your operations through an intuitive system interface.
Efficient Incident Management

Efficient Incident Management

Safeguard the safety and security of your cleaning services by promptly reporting and resolving incidents.
Take care of site property - record incidents, report them promptly, and resolve them swiftly.
Receive instant notifications about issues, assign personnel to resolve them, allocate tasks, and track the progress of their resolution.
Strengthen safety protocols and maintain a comprehensive record of incident management for compliance and analysis.

Client Success: Unlock Success in Cleaning Business

Thanks to TARGPatrol, we've saved time on oversight, making us more efficient and allowing us to expand our business.
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Focus on improving the quality of your cleaning services - ensure smooth operations, swift incident resolution, and timely notifications to the appropriate personnel. Contact us today to discover how TARGPatrol can transform your cleaning operations.

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