Guard Tour Tracking App for Enhanced Security Services

Enhance your security patrols with rapid reporting and real-time monitoring. Improve communication and ensure quick issue resolution to maintain a secure and safe environment, even at remote sites.

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Security Guard Services

Manage Your Patrol Operations with Ease

Comprehensive Safety Tracking

Facilitate swift reporting, assignment, and resolution of safety concerns with guard tracking software. Maintain detailed incident records, fostering a proactive safety culture.

Real-Time Insights for Proactive Measures

Use the TARGPatrol dashboard to monitor safety-related tasks, inspections, and incident resolutions in real time within the security sector.

Customizable Safety Reports

Tailor safety reports to your security organization's specific needs, focusing on the most critical metrics. Ensure compliance and drive continuous improvements in guard tours.
Tailored Safety Solutions

Tailored Safety Solutions

TARGPatrol provides customized safety patrols and checklists designed specifically for the security sector, ensuring compliance and effective risk management. Enhance guard performance by equipping your team with an app for conducting site tours seamlessly.
Digitalize your patrols with a mobile app, capturing all critical data from guard locations to time spent.
Simplify security patrols by assigning specific tasks to the right guards, complete with detailed instructions and checklists.
Stay on track across multiple remote sites — equip your guards with GPS, RFID, and QR codes for improved navigation.
Efficient Issues Resolution

Efficient Issues Resolution

Empower your team to swiftly report and respond to issues in real-time with our incident reporting feature. Document and manage every detail of an incident—from occurrence to resolution. Immediate alerts ensure the right people are informed promptly, enabling quick and decisive action.
Equip your security guards with a convenient tool to document any deviations, enabling them to leave comments along with photo or video evidence.
Rely on the security guard app to prevent potential escalations by sending immediate alerts to relevant personnel.
Prevent recurring issues by accessing historical incident data anytime with the reporting function.
Insightful Data Visualizations

Insightful Data Visualizations

Our visual analytics tools provide clear and meaningful visualizations of your security data. With graphs, charts, and interactive dashboards, you gain a comprehensive overview of your security guard performance. Easily spot trends, identify areas of concern, and discover opportunities to enhance your security measures.
Get real-time access to critical patrol and guard tour data in an easy-to-use format.
Don't lose important data—generate detailed reports for specific employees, locations, and time periods as needed.
Transform complex safety data into understandable insights using graphs, charts, and interactive dashboards.

Client Success: Leveraging Advanced Security Patrol Software

We needed to upgrade our guard tour system and eliminate paper workflows. Realizing that our mobile workers needed efficient mobile solutions, we adopted TARGPATROL. Its user-friendly mobile app has made it easy for our guards to adapt, ensuring seamless execution of their duties.
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Increased efficiency inspections

Enhance Precision, Embrace Checklists: Simplify Guard Patrols

With our task assignment, robust checklists, and GPS tracking, guard tour management becomes efficient, error-free, and fully customizable to your operational needs. Enhance productivity and ensure safety with TARGPatrol!

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