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Elevate Construction Site Safety with Task Management Software

We understand the unique challenges that construction professionals face daily, from ensuring construction site safety to managing complex projects. That's why we've tailored TARGPatrol's Construction Solutions to address these specific needs.

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App for Your Project Management: Boost Construction Safety

Enhanced Construction Safety

Prioritize safety on construction sites. Implement and monitor safety protocols, conduct real-time inspections, and respond promptly to incidents, ensuring the well-being of your workforce.

Streamlined Operations

Simplify complex construction project management - efficiently allocate resources, manage tasks, and track progress to keep projects on time and within budget.

Optimized Asset Management

Improve equipment and asset management in construction. Utilize NFC (RFID) and QR code integration for easy tracking, maintenance scheduling, and performance optimization of construction assets.

TARGPatrol Transforms Your Construction Site Management


Construction Safety at the Forefront

Minimize risks and improve the well-being of your team with safety management software! Easily сreate safety checklists, conduct regular construction inspections, and promptly respond to incidents. Utilize real-time safety reports to ensure immediate action and enhance safety protocols.
Ensure construction site safety by effectively monitoring site status and promptly responding to incidents in real-time.
Perform timely safety inspections to promptly identify and address potential hazards.
Stay updated with real-time safety reports! Enable your employees to effortlessly report observations, hazards, and incidents.
Streamlined Operations

Streamline Construction Operations

Ensure construction projects remain on schedule and within budget by streamlining numerous tasks, resources, and timelines with a single app. Provide project management tools, resource allocation, and progress tracking for efficient task management and construction safety.
Harness construction innovations with comprehensive safety management software: access safety reports, track progress, evaluate staff performance, and manage time effectively—all in one platform.
Empower employees and external parties to promptly report violations, disruptions, or concerns with safety reports.
Enhance project outcomes and prioritize occupational safety and health for your employees by utilizing task tracking and safety checklists.
Comprehensive Asset Management1

Construction Asset Management

Efficiently manage equipment and assets in the construction industry. Monitor equipment maintenance, track their location, and optimize their performance throughout their lifecycle using NFC (RFID) and QR code integration.
Leverage cutting-edge features in construction apps, such as NFC (RFID) and QR code integration, to facilitate efficient equipment tracking, maintenance, and location monitoring.
Don't lose expensive equipment by always knowing who, where, and when it is being used through NFC (RFID) and QR code integration.
Effortlessly track the life cycle of construction equipment over any period with convenient reporting features.
Real Time Data

Data-Driven Decisions

Harness the power of data in construction with TARGPatrol's reporting and analytics tools. Gain real-time insights into your operations, identify areas for improvement, and enhance productivity through visualizations, historical trend analysis, and customizable reports.
Access up-to-the-minute data on project progress, resource allocation, and task completion rates to make informed decisions and ensure projects stay on track.
Leverage historical trend analysis and customizable reports to identify patterns, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and implement strategies to optimize construction processes.
Harness cutting-edge innovations in construction, such as comprehensive safety reporting, to uphold safety standards and mitigate risks effectively on construction sites.

Client Success: Unleashing the Potential of Construction Management Software

I've been in the construction business for over two decades, and TARGPatrol's safety features have significantly reduced incidents on our sites. Plus, the asset management tools have made equipment tracking a breeze.
John Williams
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