Efficient Incident Management with TARGPatrol's Issues Feature

TARGPatrol's Issues feature empowers reporting of incidents across various settings. Issues are systematically documented, enabling managers to allocate resolutions and ensure comprehensive tracking.
Incident Management
TARGPatrol's Issues feature transforms incident management across diverse settings.
From workplaces to hospitality, it empowers reporting by employees and external parties.
Issues are recorded systematically, enabling responsible parties like managers to allocate resolutions.

Efficient Incident Handling

TARGPatrol's Issues feature revolutionizes incident management in diverse settings. It empowers employees and external parties to report violations, disruptions, or concerns promptly.

Streamlined Documentation

Issues are systematically recorded within the TARGPatrol system. This documentation enables responsible parties, including managers, to allocate and track resolution responsibilities effectively.

Comprehensive Tracking

Once resolved, issues are marked as closed, ensuring thorough incident tracking. This feature guarantees a comprehensive overview of incident management across environments.
Optimized Reporting

Optimized Reporting Procedure

For those who aren't using the TARGPatrol mobile app, we've made reporting just as convenient. Strategically placed QR codes around your facility enable anyone to report an issue with a simple scan. This user-friendly approach ensures that everyone can participate in maintaining a safe and compliant environment.
Seamless Reporting
Encountered an issue? TARGPatrol's streamlined reporting process ensures that both employees and visitors can promptly log incidents without hassle. Whether it's a malfunctioning equipment or a safety concern, the reporting mechanism is designed to make the process effortless.
Issue Resolution

Efficient Issue Resolution

In the fast-paced world of modern business, addressing issues promptly and efficiently is paramount. TARGPatrol's Issue Resolution module is your dependable partner in this quest for operational excellence.
Seamless Issue Initiation
Users effortlessly report issues through the app, ensuring rapid problem recognition and resolution.
Transparent Tracking

Transparent Tracking and Closure

As the resolution progresses, the app captures every step taken. Updates, results, and attachments are meticulously documented. This transparent trail ensures accountability and clear insights for both management and the resolver. Once the resolution is validated, the issue is closed, providing a holistic record of the incident's lifecycle.
Transparent Progress Tracking
TARGPatrol's Issue feature transforms incident resolution into a transparent journey. With each task assigned, the system meticulously records progress, documenting every action and decision made
Dynamic Communication

Dynamic Communication Hub

The feature extends beyond resolution. A dedicated thread within each issue allows real-time communication between the resolver and administrators. This fosters information exchange, clarifications, and ensures a comprehensive overview of the entire incident management process.
Collaborative Communication
TARGPatrol's Issue feature serves as a hub for productive communication. Inside each issue, a dedicated thread enables real-time interaction between the resolver and administrators. This promotes effective information exchange and swift clarifications.

Client Success: Harnessing the Power of TARGPatrol's Functionality

“Implementing TARGPatrol's Issues feature in our electronics manufacturing facility has revolutionized our incident management. Our employees can effortlessly report any concerns, ensuring a transparent and efficient process. TARGPatrol has truly elevated our electronics production operations.”
Denise Carlson
Achieved faster incident resolution rate with TARGPatrol's Issues feature.

Elevate Incident Management: Seamlessly Handle Issues with TARGPatrol

Streamline incident management across your operations with TARGPatrol's Issues feature – report, track, and resolve issues seamlessly.
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