Efficient Task Management with TARGPatrol: Optimize Your Workflows

TARGPatrol redefines task management, empowering managers and employees alike to streamline their operations. Our innovative app transforms the way tasks are assigned, executed, and monitored, enhancing productivity and accountability across the board.
Dashboard of TARGControl web application designed for organizing and monitoring patrol tours

TARGPatrol: Simplifying Task Management

Seamless Task Creation

Managers create tasks with customizable parameters such as completion time, priority, and verification methods like QR or NFC scans. Multi-step assignments and detailed checklists ensure thorough task execution.

User-Centric Mobile App

Employees receive task notifications on their mobile devices, allowing them to start task execution instantly. In unexpected situations, employees can cancel tasks, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Location-Aware Tasks

For location-specific tasks, employees can access graphical plans or maps, ensuring efficient navigation and task completion.
Create and Manage Tasks with Ease

Effortless Task Creation in TARGPatrol

Tailored Task Setup
TARGPatrol empowers managers to effortlessly generate tasks tailored to their specific operational requirements. With intuitive controls, managers can finely adjust task parameters such as descriptions, due dates, priorities, and task types. This customization ensures that each task aligns perfectly with the organization's unique needs, streamlining task management and enhancing overall efficiency.
Empower Your Workforce with Mobile Efficiency

In-Depth Task Execution

Guided Step-by-Step
TARGPatrol provides employees with an intuitive guided workflow during task execution. Each task is broken down into clear and concise step-by-step instructions. This feature minimizes any potential ambiguity, ensuring that employees have a structured path to follow. As a result, tasks are completed accurately and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing overall task quality.
Enhance Oversight with Manager Access

Offline Work Advantage

Uninterrupted Task Execution with Offline Functionality
At the heart of TARGPatrol's capabilities lies a robust feature that sets it apart - the ability to function seamlessly even without an internet connection. This feature is particularly valuable in various industries, such as remote locations, fieldwork, or areas with intermittent internet access. By allowing offline task execution, TARGPatrol significantly enhances employee productivity.
Promote Accountability and Efficiency

Manager Insights and Notifications

Real-time Notifications
TARGPatrol keeps managers seamlessly connected through real-time notifications. When a task is marked as completed, managers receive immediate alerts, allowing them to stay updated on task progress without delay. These real-time notifications ensure that managers can make timely decisions, address issues promptly, and maintain a steady flow of communication with their team members.

Client Success: Harnessing the Power of TARGPatrol's Functionality

“Since implementing TARGPatrol at our manufacturing plant, we have significantly improved our task management and patrol control processes.”
Maria Baker
Manufacturing productivity surged with optimizing processes, and minimizing errors.

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