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TARGPatrol is an advanced task management software designed to elevate your manufacturing processes. From routine inspections to safety reports, enhance various aspects of industrial management with ease.

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Efficient Asset Management

Streamline your asset tracking and maintenance processes with TARGPatrol's NFC (RFID) and QR code integration.

Incident Reporting Made Easy

Empower your workforce to promptly report incidents with TARGPatrol's safety reports.

Real-Time Monitoring and Insights

Gain a centralized view of your manufacturing operations through TARGPatrol's dashboard - track progress in real time.

Efficient Task Management Software for Manufacture Business

Streamlined Inspections

Streamlined Inspections

Create safety checklists for seamless inspections, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. Effortlessly assign tasks, conduct performance evaluations, and gain real-time insights into the progress.
Develop checklists with specific actions to simplify industrial inspections.
Effortlessly assign tasks to appropriate personnel, monitor their progress, and intervene proactively when necessary.
Tailor checklists for precise use across diverse sectors, whether for equipment checks or premises cleaning.
Precise Asset Management

Manufacturing Asset Management

Leverage NFC (RFID) and QR code integration to streamline asset tracking. Effortlessly scan assets for maintenance, monitor their condition, and ensure optimal performance throughout their lifecycle.
Utilize NFC (RFID) and QR code on your mobile phones for swift and convenient manufacturing inspections.
Simplify maintenance tasks by effortlessly scanning assets and monitoring their condition.
Minimize downtime for critical equipment with detailed overview of your assets.
Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Empower workers to promptly report safety concerns, maintain detailed records of incident management, and ensure comprehensive documentation and tracking, facilitating swift resolutions.
Now employees can swiftly report problems and incidents through a mobile app, with the option to attach photos or videos.
Receive real-time issues reports, assign tasks, and track the progress of incident resolution.
Keep a detailed record of incident management through comprehensive documentation and convenient reports.
Centralized Oversight

Centralized Oversight

The dashboard serves as a control center for your manufacture, offering real-time data and insights into operations. Monitor tasks, inspections, and incident resolution from a single interface.
Centralize industrial operations management in one convenient platform, optimizing productivity across your organization.
Provide workers with direct access to the information they need to perform their tasks efficiently.
Access real-time data and insights for operations monitoring.

Client Success: Unlock Manufacturing Success

TARGPatrol assists Savita Oil Technologies in conducting routine walkthroughs and inspections. Assigning tasks to specific employees with detailed checklists and monitoring progress has become incredibly convenient.
Savita Oil Technologies
Boosted Manufacturing Efficiency:
with TARGPatrol

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