Efficient Site Monitoring with Tours & Walkarounds

In the dynamic landscape of industries like manufacturing and security, routine site inspections play a critical role in ensuring safety, compliance, and operational integrity. TARGPatrol's Tours & Walkarounds feature takes these routine checks to the next level, offering a comprehensive solution that streamlines the process, enhances accuracy, and provides real-time insights.
Dashboard of TARGControl web application designed for organizing and monitoring patrol tours

Add Employees

Integrate staff into the system.

Define Checkpoints

Establish walkaround points (NFC, QR, Virtual).

Create Task

Sequence steps, including point scans, to form the walkaround.

Execute Walkaround

Employees follow the defined path using the mobile app. Reports generated post-completion.

Exploring in Detail: Unveiling the Tours & Walkarounds Functionality

Effortless Point Scanning

Effortless Point Scanning

Simplify tour execution with NFC (RFID) or QR code points strategically placed across the site. Employees equipped with the TARGPatrol Mobile app can effortlessly scan these points during their walkthrough, ensuring systematic coverage and data accuracy.
NFC (RFID) and QR Code Integration
Elevate your site tours with cutting-edge technology. Immerse your inspections in seamless efficiency by strategically embedding NFC (RFID) and QR code points throughout your site. These smart points establish a digital bridge, seamlessly connecting the physical site to the digital realm. Every point becomes a doorway to precision, enabling your workforce to effortlessly access and input critical data during their walkthroughs.
Guided Tour Experience

Guided Tour Experience

TARGPatrol's Mobile app offers guided site tours, turning complex paths into easy walks. Engage with NFC (RFID) or QR code points, creating interactive narratives. The intuitive interface seamlessly integrates, enhancing site tour execution.
Seamless Navigation
Embark on a guided journey through the heart of your operations. The TARGPatrol Mobile app metamorphoses into a digital compass, pointing the way through designated routes. It weaves a virtual trail, ensuring your employees tread the precise path of your site tours. With intuitive cues and clear directions, the app becomes their unerring guide, transforming complex routes into well-paced strolls.
Enhance Oversight Illustration

Real-Time Insights

Strategically placed NFC (RFID) and QR code labels streamline site tours. Equipped with the TARGPatrol Mobile app, employees effortlessly scan these labels during walkthroughs, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accurate data. This integration simplifies the tour process, enhancing efficiency and insights.
Instant Data Collection
With every point scanned, the gears of data collection whir into action. As employees engage with NFC (RFID) or QR code points, a digital echo emerges in real time. The TARGPatrol Mobile app functions as a data conduit, capturing the essence of each point encountered during the tour. This instant data collection ensures a seamless flow of information, weaving together a virtual tapestry of insights.
Automated Completion

Automated Completion

Effortless automation closes tasks, minimizing errors, ensuring complete coverage. Elevate safety, quality, efficiency with TARGPatrol Tours & Walkarounds.
Effortless Task Closure and Error Reduction
Embrace the power of seamless automation as successful point scans effortlessly prompt task completion. This streamlined process not only saves time but also drastically reduces the likelihood of manual data entry errors. With every successful scan, your team inches closer to a flawless and error-free tour experience.

Client Success: Harnessing the Power of TARGPatrol's Functionality

“Implementing TARGPatrol's Tours & Walkarounds has been a game-changer for our security operations. We effortlessly integrated NFC points across our premises, enabling our guards to conduct thorough patrols. This innovative solution has truly transformed our site security, enhancing compliance and operational excellence.”
Gary Adams
Achieved accuracy boost in security patrols with TARGPatrol's Tours & Walkarounds.

Efficiency Unleashed: Discover the Power of Tours & Walkarounds

Revolutionize your site management with TARGPatrol's Tours & Walkarounds. Seamlessly streamline routine checks and elevate operational integrity. Effortlessly create tasks, integrate NFC/GPS points, and design comprehensive routes. Empower your team with intuitive mobile guidance, real-time data collection, and automated task completion. Embrace a new era of site efficiency and compliance
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