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Boost your business efficiency with task management software featuring robust checklists. Create templates with specific actions for structured and efficient task execution.
Checklists Made Easy
Customizable Checklist Templates
Flexible Checklist Attachment
Real-Time Error Detection and Notifications
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Enhanced Task Efficiency

TARGPatrol's powerful checklist feature allows users to create pre-defined templates with specific actions, ensuring structured and efficient task execution.

Customizable and Versatile

Tailor checklists to match the unique requirements of tasks and industries, empowering users to include various actions such as text input, numeric values, and photo attachments.

Real-Time Oversight and Reporting

Managers can monitor employee progress and receive instant error notifications, leveraging comprehensive checklists data to make informed decisions and optimize operational workflows.
Create and Manage Tasks with Ease

Streamlining Task Checklists

In TARGPatrol, we recognize that tasks and industries have diverse needs. That's why our app checklist feature is highly customizable, allowing you to create checklists tailored to your requirements. Here's how you benefit:
Create and Manage Tasks with Ease

Structured Task Checklists

In TARGPatrol, we value task consistency and structure. Our flexible checklist feature empowers you to enforce standard procedures, ensuring accurate task management.
Create and Manage Tasks with Ease

Real-Time Error Notifications

Our real-time error notifications ensure immediate alerts for task discrepancies, promoting swift resolution and proactive problem-solving. Here's how it works:
Enhance Oversight Illustration

Automated Completion

Effortless automation closes tasks, minimizing errors, ensuring complete coverage. Elevate safety, quality, efficiency with TARGPatrol Tours & Patrols.

Customizable checklists for every industry

Industrial & Construction

Equipment Name
Equipment Age (years)
Problem Presence
Visual Inspection
And more...


Odometer Reading
Has a daily inspection been conducted for headlights, reflectors, windshield, mirrors?
And more...


Have the floors been swept and mopped?
Has the trash been removed?
Have all surfaces been cleaned?
And more...


Is the store’s territory in good condition?
Rate the cleanliness of the store (from 1 to 10)
Was the salesperson polite?
Service quality (from 1 to 10)
And more...


Did this person wash their hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entry?
Does the person have any respiratory symptoms? Describe.
Does the person have any respiratory symptoms? Describe.
And more...


Did the employee thank the customer for their order?
Order fulfillment time (in minutes)
And more...

Client Success: Harnessing the Power of TARGPatrol's Functionality

“TARGPatrol's checklist feature has transformed our cleaning business. Customizable checklists ensure our team knows precisely what to do for each task, from sanitation to organization. Highly recommended for any cleaning company.”
David Lee
Manufacturing productivity surged with optimizing processes, and minimizing errors.

Empower Precision, Embrace Checklists: Task Management Made Simple!

With TARGPatrol's powerful checklists, your task management becomes efficient, error-free, and fully customizable to your operational needs. Enhance productivity and ensure compliance across your organization.

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