Checklists Made Easy with TARGPatrol

TARGPatrol simplifies task management with powerful checklists. Users create templates with specific actions for structured and efficient task execution.
Checklists Made Easy
Customizable Checklist Templates
Flexible Checklist Attachment
Real-Time Error Detection and Notifications
Manager Insights and Reporting

Enhanced Task Efficiency

TARGPatrol's powerful checklist feature allows users to create pre-defined templates with specific actions, ensuring structured and efficient task execution.

Customizable and Versatile

Tailor checklists to match the unique requirements of tasks and industries, empowering users to include various actions such as text input, numeric values, and photo attachments.

Real-Time Oversight and Reporting

Managers can monitor employee progress and receive instant error notifications, leveraging comprehensive checklists data to make informed decisions and optimize operational workflows.
Create and Manage Tasks with Ease

Streamlining Task Checklists

In TARGPatrol, we recognize that tasks and industries have diverse needs. That's why our checklist feature is highly customizable, allowing you to create checklists tailored to your requirements. Here's how you benefit:
Diverse Actions for Comprehensive Task Management
With TARGPatrol's checklist feature, you can include a wide range of actions to cover various task aspects. Whether it's capturing essential information through text input, recording quantitative data with numerical values, or documenting visual evidence with photo attachments, our checklists have got you covered. This diverse set of actions ensures that your employees can accurately and comprehensively execute each task, leaving no room for oversight.
Empower Your Workforce with Mobile Efficiency

Structured Task Checklists

In TARGPatrol, we value task consistency and structure. Our flexible checklist feature empowers you to enforce standard procedures, ensuring precise and accurate task execution.
Seamless Attachment of Pre-Made Checklists
With TARGPatrol, you have the freedom to create pre-made checklists that encompass specific actions, requirements, and quality standards for each task. These checklists serve as templates, ensuring that all tasks related to a particular process or workflow follow a uniform and systematic approach. Managers can effortlessly attach these pre-made checklists to individual task steps, guiding employees through the necessary actions and ensuring that no critical steps are missed.
Enhance Oversight with Manager Access

Real-Time Error Notifications

At TARGPatrol, accuracy and efficiency matter most. Our real-time error notifications ensure immediate alerts for task discrepancies, promoting swift resolution and proactive problem-solving. Here's how it works:
Intelligent Monitoring of Input Parameters
TARGPatrol's intelligent system continuously monitors the input parameters provided by employees during task execution. These parameters can include text inputs, numerical values, scanned QR or NFC codes, photo attachments, and more. The system compares the input data against predefined criteria and expected values.
Promote Accountability and Efficiency

Efficient Smart Decisions

At TARGPatrol, we value data-driven decision-making in task management. Our Manager Insights and Reporting feature empowers managers with comprehensive insights for informed decisions.
Access to Detailed Checklist Data
As a manager, you have full visibility into all checklist data within tasks assigned to your team. This includes employee entries, completed steps, and any attachments, such as photos or documents. With this level of access, you can closely monitor task execution and ensure that each step is accurately completed.

Client Success: Harnessing the Power of TARGPatrol's Functionality

“TARGPatrol's checklist feature has transformed our cleaning business. Customizable checklists ensure our team knows precisely what to do for each task, from sanitation to organization.Highly recommended for any cleaning company.”
David Lee
Manufacturing productivity surged with optimizing processes, and minimizing errors.

Empower Precision, Embrace Checklists:

Task Excellence Made Simple!

With TARGPatrol's powerful checklists, your task management becomes efficient, error-free, and fully customizable to your operational needs. Enhance productivity and ensure compliance across your organization.
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