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Streamline routine inspections and data collection with a user-friendly mobile app

Accurate data
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Employee-centric app
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SimplifyIng route execution
An intuitive mobile guide using RFID.

The Client Overview

For large industrial organizations, regular inspections are crucial for real-time equipment monitoring and deviation detection.
Savita Oil Technologies, with over 3,000 employees, follows specific regulations for inspecting specialized equipment, including hundreds of radio stations. To enhance efficiency, they have adopted TARGPatrol for the digitalization of route management and inspections.

Challenges in Managing Inspections at Remote Sites

At industrial facilities, patrols and equipment inspections are routine tasks governed by established regulations. However, effective control and verification can be challenging, especially in remote locations with unreliable Internet access. In today's tech-driven world, using paper journals or Excel spreadsheets is both outdated and inefficient.
Recognizing these challenges, Savita Oil Technologies approached us with clear requirements for a more efficient system to ensure accurate, real-time monitoring, even in remote areas. They understood that digitalization was key to improving their inspection and management processes. The main goal was to replace outdated methods with a reliable solution capable of handling their specific needs, including inspecting hundreds of radio stations.
Tasks and Requirement
TARGPatrol had to provide:
Efficient route execution with detailed planning.
Real-time monitoring from remote locations.
Automatic notifications for incidents or violations.
Easy deployment without extra equipment.
Centralized data collection from all locations using a unified system.
Saving work processes and results without internet access.
Generating and exporting route reports to external systems.
Savita Oil Technologies

The Solution

To ensure a smooth workflow, we meticulously defined specific routes and selected key points, establishing a clear sequence for each. Comprehensive schedules were created, complete with detailed instructions and checklists, and every route task was assigned to a responsible individual.
Next, RFID tags were strategically placed at each route point. Employees could easily scan these tags and attach necessary photos or videos, providing a visual record and additional data for each checkpoint. Real-time monitoring was a critical component of our solution. Employee actions were instantly displayed in the TARGPatrol system whenever there was an internet connection. For areas with poor connectivity, data was stored offline and automatically uploaded once the connection was restored.
Correctness in route execution was paramount. If a route was not completed correctly, the system automatically sent an email to the responsible person. This email included detailed information about the route, time, violation, and the individual responsible.
Simplifying data analysis, responsible employees were empowered to generate and export detailed reports. These reports could be integrated with external systems used within the company.
Route Planning
Defined specific routes with key points and sequences, assigned tasks to responsible individuals.
RFID Implementation
Placed RFID tags at route points for scanning and data collection
Real-Time Monitoring
Enabled instant display of actions in the system with offline data storage and upload
Violation Control
Automated notifications for incomplete routes with detailed info.
Data Analysis
Generation and export detailed reports, integrating with external systems.

The Results

Savita Oil Technologies faced significant challenges due to an outdated workflow. Identifying these weaknesses, the company realized the need for modern innovations and technologies. With many remote locations, intermittent internet connectivity, lack of centralized information collection, and inaccurate analytics, they required a comprehensive software solution. Implementing TARGPatrol addressed these issues effectively:
Clear Work Plan
Detailed tasks and schedules with precise instructions ensure everyone knows exactly what to do and when.
User-Friendly App
Intuitive mobile interface for easy and efficient use by all employees.
Efficient Communication
Quick transmission of necessary information and issue resolution through the mobile app.
Cost-Effective Solution
No need for additional hardware investments; everything is managed seamlessly through comprehensive software.
24/7 Connectivity
Real-time operational updates, with offline data storage and automatic uploads when the internet is restored.
Rapid Incident Response
Instant email notifications for deviations, violations, or incidents, with detailed information for swift action.
Transparent Analytics
Detailed reports and analytics provide clear insights based on real-time data, aiding informed decision-making.

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