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What is TARGPatrol system about?

Sergey Dudik
June 01, 2022
2 min

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How does TargPatrol work?
What are the benefits of using TargPatrol?

Studies estimate that there are over 800,000 security guards all over the US. And the industry has a market size of 32bn USD. These statistics showcase the demand for security services in the US alone. There are many organizations and industries around the world that need round-the-clock security and protection for their assets. But security companies often find it difficult to showcase the performance of their guards. They can go for certification programs, but how will they prove to the clients that their guards are doing their job?

Security companies have come up with many solutions for the same, but they take too much manual effort and installation costs. But what if you could make this simpler for everyone involved? What if you could ensure that your guards are making their rounds, have proof of the same, and do this without significant expenses?

This is where TargPatrol comes.

How does TargPatrol work?

TargPatrol is a mobile app for your security guards or other employees who conduct regular inspections. The app tracks your employees’ movements and makes sure that they cover their route in its entirety and on time.

The app supports QR codes, NFC, and RFID. To use the app, simply place RFID tags or QR codes in locations along your guards’ daily route. As they pass by the location, they can simply scan these tags using their phones and the app will register their presence. And through a centralized dashboard, an admin can view the routes your guards are making and keep a log of the same.

The app can work in sync with our TargControl app which can manage your employees’ attendance, control access to workspaces, and more.

The app doesn’t necessarily need NFC or RFID tags to work. Download the app, log in with your registered credentials and configure the route for your guards. Your guards can then login into their apps, and during their shifts, the app will use the phone’s GPS to track their rounds. And you get a complete system that tracks and logs your guards’ rounds without any new investment or hardware in the form of RFID tags.

The app also lets your guards take pictures and log them into the cloud, in case they want to report any suspicious activities.

What are the benefits of using TargPatrol?

Either as a security services provider or someone who has hired a team of guards, TargPatrol gives you accountability. The app ensures that your guards are doing their jobs and that your assets are safe. If you provide security services, the app gives you credibility; the activity log will show that your team is alert and capable.

Another benefit is that the app is highly flexible. It supports different types of cards; both RFID and NFC. And in case you don’t want to invest in extra hardware, it supports QR codes. And if you want to get started as soon as possible, you can still track your guards with the GPS.




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