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TARGPatrol Team
November 17, 2023
2 min

Case Study: Transforming Facilities Management with TARGPatrol

Client Overview: OptiSpace, a key player in the facilities management industry, oversees a diverse portfolio of properties ranging from commercial buildings to industrial complexes. Focused on optimizing operations and ensuring the highest standards of service, the company sought a comprehensive solution to enhance monitoring, issue resolution, and task management across their extensive property network.

Challenge: OptiSpace faced challenges in efficiently monitoring and managing tasks across various locations. The need for a streamlined system to assign tasks, monitor compliance, and address issues promptly led to the exploration of TARGPatrol.

Solution: Implementation of TARGPatrol: In response to the challenges faced, OptiSpace decided to implement TARGPatrol, a sophisticated mobile application designed to revolutionize task management, issue tracking, and location-specific responsibilities within their diverse property portfolio.

Key Features Utilized:

  1. Task Assignment and Monitoring: TARGPatrol facilitated the seamless assignment of tasks for monitoring various aspects of facilities. From routine inspections to specific maintenance tasks, the system allowed for easy assignment and real-time monitoring of task progress.

  2. Issue Tracking and Reporting: The application provided a robust framework for capturing and reporting issues. Team members could instantly log incidents, such as equipment malfunctions or safety concerns, directly through the app. The system then categorized and prioritized these issues for prompt resolution.

  3. Location-Specific Responsibilities: TARGPatrol allowed for the organization of tasks and issues based on specific locations. Each facility or property within the portfolio was treated as a distinct entity, and responsibilities were assigned accordingly. This granular approach ensured that each location had dedicated personnel responsible for task execution and issue resolution.


  1. Efficient Task Management: TARGPatrol significantly improved the efficiency of task management. Assigning and monitoring tasks across different locations became a streamlined process, leading to improved productivity and timely task completion.

  2. Issue Resolution Acceleration: The issue tracking feature played a pivotal role in accelerating incident resolution. By categorizing and assigning issues based on location, OptiSpace could swiftly allocate resources and ensure timely resolution, minimizing disruptions.

  3. Location-Specific Accountability: TARGPatrol enhanced accountability by assigning specific responsibilities to personnel for each location. This location-specific approach not only improved task execution but also ensured that the right individuals were accountable for issue resolution, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  4. Centralized Monitoring and Reporting: The application provided centralized monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing management to have a comprehensive overview of tasks and issues across all locations. This centralized approach facilitated better decision-making and resource allocation.

Conclusion: TARGPatrol emerged as a game-changing solution for OptiSpace, addressing the complexities of task management, issue resolution, and location-specific responsibilities. By implementing TARGPatrol, the company not only streamlined its operations but also enhanced accountability and responsiveness across their diverse property portfolio. As OptiSpace continues to prioritize innovation, TARGPatrol remains an integral component in their strategy for delivering unparalleled facilities management services.




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