TARGPatrol Team
November 17, 2023
2 min

Case Study: Enhancing Retail Operations with TARGPatrol

Client Overview: InfinityMall, a leading player in the retail industry, operates a vast network of stores nationwide. Focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences, the company constantly seeks innovative solutions to optimize its retail operations.

Challenge: InfinityMall faced challenges in task management for its in-store teams, particularly merchandisers. Coordinating and tracking tasks efficiently across a large number of stores was proving to be a cumbersome process. Additionally, addressing and resolving issues within the stores in a timely manner was a complex task that required a more streamlined approach.

Solution: TARGPatrol Implementation: To address these challenges, InfinityMall implemented TARGPatrol, a cutting-edge mobile application designed for task management and issue resolution in retail environments.

Key Features Utilized:

  1. Task Assignment and Tracking: TARGPatrol facilitated the seamless assignment and tracking of tasks for in-store employees. Merchandisers could receive, prioritize, and update task statuses directly through the mobile application, eliminating the need for manual coordination and communication.

  2. Mobile Task Execution: The application allowed employees to execute tasks directly on their mobile devices. Whether it was restocking shelves, updating displays, or conducting inventory checks, the mobile platform provided a user-friendly interface for efficient task completion.

  3. Issues Functionality: TARGPatrol’s Issues module proved instrumental in streamlining incident reporting and resolution. Store employees could instantly report issues, such as equipment malfunctions or cleanliness concerns, through the app. The system then facilitated the assignment of tasks to the relevant employees for swift resolution.


  1. Improved Task Efficiency: The implementation of TARGPatrol significantly enhanced task management efficiency. Merchandisers reported a streamlined process of receiving, executing, and updating tasks, leading to a noticeable reduction in task completion times.

  2. Enhanced Task Visibility: The mobile platform provided real-time visibility into task progress. Managers could track task statuses, identify bottlenecks, and allocate resources more effectively, resulting in a more agile and responsive workforce.

  3. Faster Issue Resolution: The Issues functionality played a crucial role in accelerating incident resolution. Employees could report issues promptly, and the system facilitated the rapid assignment of tasks to address the reported problems. This led to a notable decrease in the time it took to resolve issues within the stores.

  4. Increased Accountability: With TARGPatrol, accountability was enhanced at every level. Employees were accountable for task completion, and managers could easily track and manage the overall progress. The transparent system led to a culture of responsibility and improved performance.

Conclusion: TARGPatrol proved to be a transformative solution for InfinityMall, significantly improving task management efficiency and issue resolution within their stores. The mobile application’s user-friendly interface, coupled with robust features, empowered employees to work more productively, resulting in a positive impact on both speed and quality of task execution. As InfinityMall continues to embrace technology to optimize operations, TARGPatrol remains a cornerstone in their strategy for delivering exceptional retail experiences.




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