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Sentinel Shield Innovations

TARGPatrol Team
November 17, 2023
2 min

Case Study: Enhancing Safety Management with TARGPatrol

Client Overview: Sentinel Shield Innovations, a leading security management firm, specializes in safeguarding various facilities and properties. The need for a robust system to ensure thorough and efficient security checks across multiple sites led GuardSecure to explore innovative solutions, ultimately resulting in the implementation of TARGPatrol.

Challenge: GuardSecure faced challenges in optimizing security patrols and ensuring comprehensive checks at various locations. The traditional paper-based patrol systems were proving to be inefficient and lacked real-time visibility. The company sought a solution to enhance the accountability and effectiveness of security personnel during their patrols.

Solution: Implementation of TARGPatrol for Security Patrols: In response to the challenges encountered, GuardSecure opted to implement TARGPatrol, a sophisticated mobile application designed to revolutionize security patrol management. The system involved the creation of patrol routes, each consisting of multiple NFC (Near Field Communication) checkpoints, ensuring thorough checks during security patrols.

Key Features Utilized:

  1. Task Assignment for Patrol Routes: TARGPatrol facilitated the creation and assignment of tasks related to security patrol routes. Each patrol route was carefully organized, specifying the checkpoints and tasks associated with each location. Guards received these assignments through the mobile application, ensuring clear instructions for their patrols.

  2. NFC Checkpoints for Thorough Verification: The patrol routes were designed with multiple NFC checkpoints strategically placed across the facilities. To complete a route, security personnel used the TARGPatrol mobile application to scan each NFC tag. This process guaranteed that every designated area was thoroughly checked, eliminating the possibility of oversight.

  3. Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: TARGPatrol provided real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing security managers to track the progress of patrols in real-time. The system generated reports on completed patrols, ensuring transparency and accountability in the security operations.


  1. Improved Accountability and Verification: TARGPatrol significantly improved the accountability of security personnel during patrols. The use of NFC checkpoints ensured that guards physically visited and verified each designated area, reducing the risk of oversight or incomplete inspections.

  2. Enhanced Security Oversight: The real-time monitoring feature allowed security managers to have instant visibility into ongoing patrols. Any anomalies or delays in completing patrol routes could be addressed promptly, ensuring a proactive response to potential security issues.

  3. Streamlined Reporting and Documentation: TARGPatrol streamlined the reporting process. Completed patrol reports, including scanned NFC checkpoints, were automatically generated, providing a detailed record of each patrol. This documentation proved valuable for compliance purposes and incident investigations.

  4. Increased Operational Efficiency: The mobile application increased the operational efficiency of security patrols. Guards could easily navigate their assigned routes, and the systematic scanning of NFC checkpoints ensured a methodical and comprehensive approach to security inspections.

Conclusion: The implementation of TARGPatrol has revolutionized security management for Sentinel Shield Innovations. By leveraging NFC technology and a streamlined mobile application, the company achieved improved accountability, enhanced security oversight, and increased operational efficiency in their security patrols. TARGPatrol remains an integral part of GuardSecure’s commitment to providing top-tier security services with a focus on thorough and reliable security checks.




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