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Enhance security guard performance using GPS and RFID for efficient patrol management on mobile phones

Digital pathways
Simplify your patrol tours with a mobile app.
Increased safety
Report incidents quickly and get instant notifications.
Centralized Oversight
Explore security trends with detailed reporting and analytics.

The Client Overview

After 17 years in business, Sobek Security Solutions decided to upgrade their guard tour system and eliminate paper workflows.  A pivotal moment came when the company realized: Mobile workers who are “on the go” need mobile solutions. To enhance operational efficiency and ensure their security guards could perform their duties seamlessly in any location, Sobek Security Solutions adopted the TARGPatrol solution.

Challenges in Managing Inspections at Remote Sites

The key challenge was that the security guards worked at remote sites, often during night shifts. The traditional paper-based patrol systems were proving to be inefficient and lacked real-time visibility. Without modern solutions, the company couldn't track workflows or respond quickly to incidents, and data was not received systematically or on time.
Sobek Security Solutions aimed to implement a system that enabled their security guards to carry out their duties efficiently using only mobile phones. The company sought a solution incorporating GPS and RFID technology, smart guard tours, and time-and-date-sensitive reporting. These must be supported by accurate data detailing who performed which tasks, when, and where.
To sum it up, the main goals were to:
Replace paper workflows with digital solutions
Implement tracking using GPS and RFID technologies
Assign structured tasks and routes using checklists
Ensure effective incident reporting
Eliminate the need for expensive equipment
Centralize the collection of information from all sites
Provide convenient reports based on critical data
Sobek Security Solutions

The Solution

In the security arena, safety is paramount and ensured through clear instructions and regulations. To address this, we began by organizing patrol tours on our cloud-based platform. Each patrol tour was carefully planned with specific checkpoints and tasks assigned to each location, along with detailed step-by-step instructions in checklist form.
The guards received these tasks via the mobile app, where they registered the start and end of their patrol tour and attached necessary data, such as text, photos, and videos. RFID tags were placed at checkpoints, which guards scanned using NFC (Near Field Communication). GPS technology was also used for better navigation and convenience.
The entire guard patrol progress was updated in real-time via the Internet. In the event of an incident, the guard could register the violation and immediately notify the admin. If the network went down, all data was saved and uploaded once the connection was restored, ensuring historical data was safe. This data was used to generate reports and conduct analytics.
A key feature was the ability to create custom reports for specific locations, time periods, or employees. This allowed for centralized electronic data collection, with options to export to Excel or integrate with the company's third-party systems.
In short, the client received:
Digital patrol tours
Structured patrol routes with detailed instructions and checklists in the mobile app.
GPS and RFID integration
Enhanced navigation and visibility using GPS and NFC.
Data on the go
Online patrol process updates and live tracking.
Incident reports
Instant notifications of threats or violations on mobile phones.
Visible data
Convenient reports of any complexity from all locations in one system.

The Results

Sobek Security Solutions recognized that delaying the implementation of modern mobile solutions would lead to a decline in service quality and, eventually, a loss of competitive edge. The new solution needed to align with their business specifics and provide several key features: digital patrol routes on mobile phones, GPS and NFC integration, specific tasks with convenient checklists, schedule tracking, cloud data synchronization, real-time monitoring, violation registration, customizable reports, and data analytics. Additionally, the platform needed to be easy for guards to use, ensuring a smooth implementation.
TARGPatrol met all these requirements, leading to:
Enhanced Operations
through precise patrol tours, structured tasks and customizable checklists.
Improved Safety
through rapid incident reporting and immediate notifications.
Better Oversight
through real-time tracking of patrol workflows from anywhere.
Streamlined Reporting
customizable reports of any complexity, with integration into other systems.

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