Checklists Management in TARGPatrol
In this guide, we will describe how to create checklists and their purposes.

Creating Checklists in TARGPatrol

Checklists are created to outline tasks that employees must complete at specific stages of a task or inspection. Each checklist consists of actions that can be of the following types:
- Media
- Text
- Flag
- Number
To create a new checklist in TARGPatrol, follow these steps:

1. Go to and log in using your account credentials. Refer to the previous lesson for registration and login details.

2. Navigate to the Checklists menu.
3. Click on the "Add Checklist" button.
4. Fill in the basic information about the checklist: Name and Tags.
Next, you need to add actions:
- Click on "Choose action."
- In the pop-up window, select an existing action or enter the name of a new one.
- Create a new action and select its type.
Creating checklists

Editing and Deleting Checklists

To edit checklists, click on the pencil icon and modify the necessary information. Save your changes.
To delete a checklist, click on the trash icon.
If you wish to mass delete, assign tags, or make copies of checklists, select multiple checklists and use the bulk operations.
Creating checklists
By following these steps, you can effectively create and manage checklists in TARGPatrol, enhancing task management and inspection processes.

Tips for Managing Checklists in TARGPatrol

  • Regular Updates and Reviews: Periodically review your checklists to ensure they align with your organization's current procedures and standards. Update checklists as needed to reflect changes in procedures or requirements.

  • Training on Checklist Usage: Train new users on how to use checklists in TARGPatrol. Provide guidance on creating, completing, and reviewing checklists to enhance employee professionalism and minimize errors.

  • Utilizing Bulk Operations: Take advantage of the bulk operations feature in TARGPatrol to efficiently manage multiple checklists simultaneously. This includes assigning tags, creating copies, or deleting checklists.

  • Feedback and Improvements: Encourage employees to provide feedback on the use of checklists. Use this information to continually improve checklist templates and optimize task management processes.

By following these tips, you can enhance the effectiveness of using checklists in TARGPatrol, ensuring consistent task execution and improving operational efficiency.