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Boost operational productivity with a mobile app for efficient inspections at remote locations

Streamlined Tasks
Assign clear inspection tasks with intuitive checklists and precise locations.
Reliable Results
Ensure nothing gets lost by attaching essential materials in the mobile app.
Real-Time Tracking
Get real-time updates on who, when, and where tasks are being performed.

The Client Overview

ElevateTech Services is an engineering company specializing in the maintenance of elevators and escalators. The company employs over 350 people, the majority of whom work at remote sites on a daily basis.
To optimize inspections and simplify data exchange between mobile employees and the office, the company implemented the TARGPatrol cloud-based solution.

Challenges in Managing Inspections at Remote Sites

When employees move between multiple remote sites, it becomes difficult to maintain communication and reliable reporting without modern solutions. The company experienced confusion not only in managing data but also in tracking locations and necessary actions.
Main problems
Limited workflow visibility
Confusion in navigating locations
Inconsistent follow-up on inspection instructions
Challenges in data exchange
Time-consuming report preparation
ElevateTech Services required a mobile app tailored to their business needs. The app needed to be highly convenient and user-friendly for employees working on both Android and iOS devices, as most used their personal smartphones.
Managers needed the capability to assign tasks to employees with specific locations on the map, tracking progress and results in real-time and over specific periods. An essential feature was the ability to record results with attached documents.
What the client wanted
A user-friendly mobile app
Ability to specify precise locations
Task assignments with clear specifications
Real-time data synchronization
Customized report generation
ElevateTech Services

The Solution

ElevateTech Services needed a standardized set of questions for each site visit. TARGPatrol already had a function that allowed them to assign tasks to specific people, locations, and times. Sequential checklists were attached to tasks, and to further expedite the process, managers created editable inspection checklist templates.
To address the location issue, they implemented QR codes linked to a map. QR codes, being cost-effective and practical, were placed at elevator and escalator maintenance sites. Their locations were displayed on the mobile app map. When an employee arrived at the site, they scanned the QR code to receive a task with detailed checklists and began work. To document results or issues, employees attached photo or video materials.
All data, including location, work progress, time, documents, photos, etc., was automatically uploaded to the system. This allowed managers to track work in real-time and respond quickly to incidents. Additionally, all data was stored on the platform, enabling the generation of various reports in the form of graphs, tables, or diagrams.
With TARGPatrol app, the client can now:
Assign tasks to specific people, locations, and times.
Create sequential and editable inspection checklist templates.
Link QR codes to a map for precise location tracking.
Use QR codes to receive tasks and detailed checklists on-site.
Attach photos or videos to document results or issues.
Track workflow in real-time and respond quickly.
Generate detailed and comprehensive reports.

The Results

Before adopting the TARGPatrol task management app, ElevateTech Services conducted inspections using pen and paper, later transferring the data to Excel spreadsheets. This manual process consumed a significant portion of work time for both managers and mobile workers. Additionally, the company faced confusion regarding locations and task distribution, exacerbated by poor visibility and communication. Recognizing the inefficiency, ElevateTech Services management decided it was time to digitize their work processes and streamline data transfer with a cloud platform.
As with any change, there was initial resistance. Some employees were apprehensive about switching from paper-based inspections and reports to a digital platform. However, once they became familiar with the app's user-friendly interface and experienced the benefits, TARGPatrol quickly became an integral part of the company's workflow.
In short, with the help of TARGPatrol, the company significantly reduced the time required for:
Assigning tasks
Locating job sites
Conducting inspections
Preparing reports
This led to:
Faster completion of inspections
Improved data accuracy and reliability
Enhanced communication and coordination
Reduced administrative workload for employees
Increased ability to respond promptly to issues

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